The Desk Rescue™ is one of my most popular business services. Most of my clients consider it to be life changing. In fact, one client wrote saved my life in the memo portion of the check that he wrote to me after our desk rescue session.

Desk rescues usually take three to four hours to complete. During that time we will clear the desk surface and the areas around the desk, set up a system for managing actionable items, and establish an in-box. We accomplish all of this by installing the Straight 8 – eight essential but common components that allow you to get your work done and keep your desk straight.

Stan’s Desk Rescue

Stan needs a desk rescueStan, an executive director for a non-profit organization, was an attendee at my Ask the Organizer presentation that I did for Entrepreneurs of Knoxville. That particular audience asked questions primarily about desk organization in small offices. Stan was an active participant explaining that he had a rather large desk but it continued to stay piled up. I quizzed him on his desk set up and discovered that he was missing some key components. We decided after the presentation that Stan would be a good candidate for a desk rescueContinue reading the case study to see the results of Stan’s rescue.

Accounts Payable Desk Rescue

Accounts Payable Before Holly, the Accounts Payable Specialist for a local company called me in to help her get her desk under control. She was getting her work done but she knew that with some help she could be more productive and less stressed.

She was tired of being overwhelmed by her constantly cluttered desk and she was tired of her co-workers joking about her clutter.

 Continue reading the case study and see the results of Holly’s rescue.


Executive Chef Desk Rescue

Executive Chef Desk Rescue BeforeThis is the before photo of an Executive Chef’s office. Jeffrey D. is responsible for creating menu items, ordering supplies and training the kitchen staff among other things. He operates from a tiny office that was originally a storage closet located just behind the food prep area.

He called me because his desk and files were a mess and he couldn’t stand working in the chaos. Continue reading the case study  to see the results of Jeffrey D’s desk rescue.