Custom Closet Design 

I have been designing custom closets, pantries and garage systems since June 2003.  I design these spaces with your specific needs and your habits in mind.  We decide where and how your belongings will fit into the space during the design process. Custom installation is available.



Elfa® Storage Systems

One of my favorite products is Elfa®. Elfa is a line of closet, pantry and garage components sold exclusively through The Container Store. Designing and assisting with the installation of Elfa closets and pantries is one of the most popular services I provide as a Professional Organizer. I also assist my clients in the ordering of the product since we do not have a Container Store in Knoxville. I chose Elfa for the pantry project that I facilitated.


Preconstruction Planning

Whether you are building or remodeling I can work with you and your builder to make sure that your project has good organizational bones. My goal is to combine function with form so that you get a more useable space instead of just a bigger space.

Together we plan the “homes” for items such as daily mail, children’s coats and backpacks, cell phone chargers, serving pieces, and seasonal decorations.  We make sure that bathrooms have storage space for towels and toiletries, that laundry areas have a space to hang drip dry or need to iron items and that closets are sized for your needs.

Home Management Systems

Homes like offices and businesses must be managed and management systems are the key to an efficient home.   Paper management systems that provide homes for every important piece of paper and long term storage systems for other items that clients want to keep are common projects.  

I also help clients choose time management systems and coach them through the crucial learning period, and help them set up a menu planning system that eliminates the frustrating quest for what to have for dinner.

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