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Information About the Professional Organizer, the Company and Our Clients

I’m Karen Sprinkle, Certified Professional Organizer, and the owner of Organize it: Data, Time & Space. My tag line is clear the clutter… clear your mind. Specifically I clear clutter and chaos and create functional organizing systems in the homes and offices of motivated and teachable adults.

As we work together you’ll go from ashamed and overwhelmed to confident and liberated when we put in place organizing systems that you can easily maintain on your own.

Being Organized Affects Every Part of Your Life

I believe that your ability to complete any task depends on finding your tools and information quickly. It does not matter whether you need a screwdriver to make a minor repair, a roasting pan to cook your Thanksgiving turkey or your documents and receipts to file your taxes; if you can’t find these things you cannot move forward with the task.

Organizing Systems That Work the Way You Work

That’s where I come in. I create filing, storage and work-flow systems, but I like to call them finding systems. I customize each system to work with your style and habits so you can quickly find what you need to finish your work and free your mind to relax at the end of your day.

I have been providing organizing services in the Knoxville, TN area since January 2000.