5 Steps to Clearing the Clutter from your Storage Space — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks Janet,

    I know it’s long. I cut 150 words on the last edit. The follow up post will be shorter.

  2. Like Janet said, very comprehensive list, I love the blue “make a decision” box, very helpful for people like me who are visual. I look forward to reading future posts

  3. An enjoyable read. It feels good to recognize, as an organizer, the same method. “Yep, yep–that’s how I do it, too.” Thanks for the idea to use white donate bags vs black trash bags–an idea I’ll use next time.

  4. My favorite point in this whole lovely post: “Your primary aim is to find the floor.”

    THAT’s what I call being FOCUSED! (And you’re right! That helps!)

    Thanks, Karen. GREAT post. 🙂

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