Confessions of an Organized Gardener — 5 Comments

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  2. It really is all about maintenance… and in many situations, that means doing things on a daily basis. That’s easy when it is a hobby we enjoy, like heading out to the garden every evening, which I tend to do as well. Not so fun when it comes to going through paperwork. But putting it off always means it will be more painful later. You have some very beautiful flowers – I wish I had more sun!!!

  3. Yes Seana it is about the maintenance. I have done pretty well with the gardening until last year. A bicep tendon injury kept me from doing any weeding for most of the summer. Things got pretty messy. I’m almost caught up now.

  4. I love how you applied gardening lessons to other areas of life like mail. Maintenance applies to any decluttering or organizing project. If we leave it too long it becomes overwhelming and we’re even less likely to tackle it. I’m not a fan of weeding so I definitely let it build up too long… but I’m pretty good at keeping the clutter at bay by staying on top of it.

  5. Thanks Hilda, In the spring I love gardening and even weeding. That is when I can accumulate inside clutter. As we get into our hot, humid and hazy days of summer – I start slacking on the weeding and go inside to tackle that clutter.

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