What specific services do you offer?

I work with both residential and small business clients.  My specialty is reducing clutter and recovering valuable storage space in all areas of your home or office. I design storage systems for the things that you want to keep, filing systems for the paper that you must keep, and room arrangements to make the most of your space.  I stay up-to-date with the storage industry and can help locate the containers and other items that will add the finishing touches to our projects.

Can you organize my space for me while I am away?

That is not possible. We work together during the organizing process.  We begin with a walk-thru of your problem spaces.  We discuss your goals, what is currently working, and what is not working.  We decide where to begin.  The next step is the de-cluttering process.  This is where you decide, with my help, what stays and what goes. Next is the actual organizing process.  Together we decide where and how to store the items you are keeping.  You have a much better chance of staying organized when you are involved in the whole process.

How do we get started?

The first step is to contact Organize It: Data, Time and Space to discuss your specific organizing needs. We can usually determine during this conversation if you need hands-on-organizing or consultation services. We then set an appointment for a consultation with game plan or for a consultation with estimate if we have determined that hands-on-organizing will be most beneficial.

What is the difference between hands-on organizing and a consultation?

A consultation with game plan is perfect for clients who are self-motivated and who are looking for an organizing plan with ideas that they can implement on their own. We tour your space together, discuss what is working and what needs improvement, and determine your goals for the space. I suggest a plan of action that is broken down into manageable steps and I suggest organizing supplies that will best suit your needs. Although you implement the plan on your own, I will be available by phone or e-mail if you hit a snag in the project.

With hands-on organizing we implement the plan together. This is the best service for clients who are easily distracted and have trouble completing projects. Usually after a session or two my clients are able to complete some projects on their own.

How do you charge?

I offer session pricing and package pricing.  Payment is due at time of service.  I accept cash, your personal check , and major credit cards.  Please call for more information about the rates for your specific projects.

Can you describe your ideal client?

I have been most successful when working with clients who are teachable and motivated to make changes in their lives.  My ideal client is a life-long learner.

What makes you different from other professional organizers?

I believe that your ability to complete any task depends on your ability to find your tools and information quickly. It does not matter whether you need a screwdriver to make a minor repair, a roasting pan to cook your Thanksgiving turkey, or your documents and receipts to file your taxes, if you can’t find these things you cannot move forward with the task.

Unlike other organizers who come in and de-clutter and straighten the space, I design finding systems. They are actually called filing, storage and workflow systems, but their purpose is for you to be able to quickly find what you need to finish your work and free your mind to relax at the end of your day.

Will getting organized help me save time and money?

Absolutely!  Disorganization is a thief of time, zaps your energy, and makes projects difficult.  How much time do you spend each day looking for things? If you estimate thirty minutes a day, that is more than one-hundred eighty-two hours in a year.  Living in a space that is free of clutter also saves cleaning time. Cleaning experts say that it takes forty percent longer to clean a cluttered home than one that is orderly.   You save both time and energy when you can quickly find the things you need and use.  You also save money because you only buy and store what you actually need.                    Back to top