How to Train Your Runaway Right Brain — 7 Comments

  1. Love it Karen!! Good explanation of what I do all the time! I was calling it multitasking and knowing that was not really a good thing to do, but a word more like “derailment” would be more appropriate! I can’t think of a good clear story because I do it all the time! Thanks for your good clear story to help me stop it and stay on task.

  2. Bobbi, I love your word, “derailment” and Gary, I still struggle. Yesterday, I DID NOT set my GPS on a way to an appointment in Oak Ridge. I got lost in thought and missed my exit which caused me to be 10 minutes late. You can imagine my head-slap when I realized that I could have stopped my derailment by setting that GPS.

  3. Good reminders to be more present in our actions to avoid ‘derailment.’ Geralin Thomas has always said the best tool to use when organizing is a timer!

  4. Janet the test showed me to be slightly more right brained which surprised me a little. I knew I was fairly balanced but thought I leaned left.

  5. Thanks for sharing these great tips. I think I am the same way. It sounds like experiences are like mine. For me, writing every tasks (even the chores) in my calendar works best because I have an alarm for each task. It shows me how much time I am spending on tasks too. Thanks for sharing!

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