Learn How a Simple Mistake Increased Efficiency in My Kitchen — 9 Comments

  1. I think the skillet organizer and pot lid organizer are great tools. Each kitchen is different, so we need to think creatively about what will work best in each location. I’m sorry for the sudden emergence of the problem, but it was great of you to share how you thought through a perfect solution!

  2. Thanks, Seana, It was pretty frustrating at the time. What I did not put into the post was that I broke my right wrist the week before and did this with my arm in a cast up to my elbow.

  3. I love my pan/skillet organizer! It is hands-down my favorite kitchen tool! I love how you put on your organizer hat to solve your dilemma! Even organizers have issues they need help with 🙂

  4. Thanks Liana,
    I am loving my skillet organizer too. Yes, even organizers need help sometimes. When you’re in the messy middle it’s hard to see the solutions, so another perspective helps – putting on the Organizer Hat did the trick.

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