A messy coat closet and a messy linen closetAn organized coat and linen closetOne house. Two closets. Three hours. Wow!

We set our goal to clean out and reorganize both the coat and the linen closets in just one three hour session.

My client wanted to restore both function and serenity to these spaces. The time stamps on the photos prove that we were within four minutes of our goal.  The coat closet “before” was snapped at 10:24am and the linen “after” shot at 1:28pm. The closets are now functional and orderly.

A messy kitchen desk area gets organizedA Kitchen Desk Area

This desk, hutch and chair had turned into a dumping ground for household paper. The cookbooks were the only items in place. In a short time the piles disappeared and the space was repurposed as a home for cookbooks, recipes, photos and as a household bill paying center.




A Walk-in Closet for Two

A messy walk-in closeta neatly organized walk-in closet

My client admitted that she had not seen the back of her closet in five years and her husband, the neater of the two, was reluctant to hang up his freshly ironed shirts.

After a few hours and with minimal supplies, (the budget was small) we found the back of the closet along with the floor and recovered lots of space for those shirts.

Quick Start Mail Rescue Saves Marriage

Can you see the dramatic difference in the before and after shots of this kitchen desk area? My client and her husband shared an office in the basement. That is where we began the work of creating her Wheel of Life Filing System™. As we created the system for the office we also created her Action File box which is the heart of my Quick Start Mail Rescue™.

Once the office surfaces were cleared we moved the box upstairs and “rescued” the kitchen desk area which is where all the papers initially land. As we finished the second session my client confessed, “This box has saved my marriage.”

I was amazed at how quickly, efficiently, and professionally Karen Sprinkle transformed my cluttered and disorganized closet into an easy accessible, appealing-looking space.  Karen emptied out the entire closet, sorted everything into logical piles and helped me make decisions about what should go back into the closet. Since I work at home and can’t take time out of my day for shopping, she even went to a local store to purchase the hangers and shoe rack that we had selected.  – Maryellen, free-lance writer