Clients make that first phone call to my office when they are feeling completely overwhelmed. During the call we talk through the events that have led up to the feeling of being overwhelmed.  Sometimes clients have suffered with disorganization for years and other times a series of life events have caused the chaos. During this initial call we decide where to start.

Data info-graphicDo you need a desk rescue?

We usually start with the piles of papers on your desk.  We track the paper from its entry to its final landing area.  We use this information to create functional and attractive systems for “catching” your important papers. We don’t just clean off the top of your desk. We process the papers on your desk. There is a difference. Read some of our Desk Rescue case studies.

Together we look at your existing reference filing systems and determine if they need a simple revamping or a complete file rescue.   We create effective and easy to maintain filing systems that fit your needs and working style.

Do you want to go paperless?

One hundred percent paperless is not realistic, but we can get you almost paperless. I personally use a Fujitsu ScanSnap 1300 for scanning my business and personal documents. It is a portable scanner that I can use with clients as well. Many of my clients have purchased their own after seeing mine in action.

Other clients have NeatDesk or another scanner. I assist clients with setting up scanning profiles which speeds up the process of digitizing documents.

Are you an Evernote user?

I have been using Evernote as my digital brain since 2010. Evernote is a hybrid platform.  It lives on your computer as stand alone software that you can access without an internet connection. It is also cloud based and there are apps for all of your devices. You may sync all or part of your notebooks across all of your devices.

Evernote is where I store information that I want to have access to away from my office.  It is also where I store general reference information that used to take up several file drawers. It is extremely searchable and did I mention that there is a great FREE version? I have trained many clients to use Evernote.

Time Info-graphicAre you struggling to manage your time and expenses?

I help you choose and learn to use time management tools.  Together we decide if you need a paper system, an electronic system or a combination. I also have tools available to help you track and manage your business and personal expenses.



Space Info-graphicWould you like a better office layout?

We evaluate your current office space.  This may be an actual business office, a room in your home or a corner in a multi-functional room.  I help you make furniture purchase decisions and suggest furniture layouts.  I design a plan that provides an office space that is functional and efficient.