orange puzzle piecesDo you have a space that is driving you crazy?

You’ve picked up and moved things around but you can’t seem to make the space work. No matter what you do the clutter keeps returning. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes is all you need to come up with a solution to clear the clutter and chaos.

Introducing the Small Space Solution Service. Delivered virtually!

The small space solution is a virtual in-home consultation with game-plan.  It was developed after years of watching my clients have those light bulb moments during in-home consultations. My suggestions would spark ideas and the clients were then motivated to get organized on their own.

How does the Small Space Solution Virtual Service work?

You describe the challenges and problems that you are having with a small space in your home. Laundry rooms, walk-in closets, pantries, one – car garages and kitchen desk areas are some examples of small spaces. 

Photos will allow me to see your space

In addition to your description of the space you will want to send some photos so that I can virtually see your space.  Once I have a clear understanding of what is going on in the space, how it is being used and of the dysfunction, I will send to you via email a step by step plan for you to follow that will get your space organized and keep it that way.

It will be as if I am right there with you

These will be the same steps that we would follow if we were working together in person. Also included is a list of my proprietary organizing principles that I use when working with clients.

You will receive a custom organizing solution

The Small Space Solution Service is a custom solution for your space. I will personally review your description and photos. You can expect to receive your plan within 48 hours of submitting the photo and description of the problem space.

No more wasting money on organizing products that don’t work

Your plan may include suggested products for you to purchase. I only suggest products that I have used. I know what works and what doesn’t. I will send you photos and links to the products so that you will understand the plan. I will only suggest products that are available from national retailers. It would be helpful to give me a budget idea when sending in your description. I can suggest products that will  work with your budget.

Why start with a small space?   

Getting control and clearing the clutter in a small space will give you the confidence to move to other areas. Maintaining your newly organized small space will help you establish the new habits that are required to maintain order on a larger scale. You will learn new methodology while implementing your Small Space Solution.

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I look forward to working with you and I can’t wait to see your after pictures.