Do you feel like you’re drowning in mail and paper clutter?

You are not alone. Paper is a primary cause of clutter in the homes of the clients who call about my organizing services. I organize all areas of my clients’ homes but creating functional filing systems is the service that I provide most often. I have included a brief overview of the paper management solutions that I provide below. Call or email me to discuss your specific problems.

Quick Start Rescue System for Mail™

“Today’s mail is tomorrow’s pile” is a quote from my trainer and mentor Barbara Hemphill. There is no better place to start than with today’s mail. We begin by creating a system that tells every piece of mail that enters your home where to go. This simple filing solution makes it as easy to file as it is to pile. In most cases we can get your Quick Start Rescue System for Mail™ set up in a half-day organizing session.  You may be relieved to know that we can also set up a similar system for email.

Wheel of Life Filing Solution™ for Household Files 

There are many ways to file household paperwork. A common way is a straight alphabetical file which in my opinion does not work very well. My favorite method for organizing household files is by category. This is an intuitive system that works for most clients. The Wheel of Life Filing Solution™ divides all the papers associated with running your life into broad color coded categories. A handy chart illustrating the file categories on a wheel is included with the system. We can usually set up this system in two or three half-day organizing sessions.

File by Number

Numerical file indexing is a great solution for some of my clients. It can be set up using software such as Paper Tiger or Microsoft Outlook or you can opt for a web based solution such as Paper Tiger Online or Evernote. Who is best served by numerical filing?

  • Writers and researchers with massive amounts of information in paper form.
  •  Individuals with health-related memory problems.
  • Creative individuals who tend to think in an abstract way.
  • Individuals with A.D.D.

Numerical filing allows the user to locate a physical document within seconds by entering a key-word into the computer system. One of my clients who suffers from a health related memory problem refers to her numerical filing system as “her brain.” This system can usually be set up in two half-day sessions.

You are welcome to email or call me at 865-938-3882 to discuss your paper problems and find out if one of these solutions will solve your problem.

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