Setting up an Organized Storage Space — 7 Comments

  1. Karen,

    I’m sitting here laughing just now. In early spring after recent years of combined work, elder care and “running away” at every opportunity, we decided to clear the basement. Many of your techniques remain in the basement and many came to mind as we undertook this project. Your techniques are tried and true. It is our lack of follow thru that has our basement of little useful living space. We are ready to redefine this storage space as active living space. You have helped us twice in the past when our goal was to manage the space for storage for our active family. We remember your many helpful ideas and these are in full use as we move thru this process. David has been most helpful as always taking things to trash and donate out of the house immediately. We took pictures at it’s worst years ago and now look forward to pictures when it is transformed into useful living space. For us this has been like breaking a bad habit, in that it can take several tries to get it right. We understand now that it begins with a change inside ourselves. Without your previous assistance and teaching it would have remained overwhelming. Now it is merely time consuming. Time we consider very well spent. It is taking us longer than six hours, but we are persevering this time like never before. I did want to let you know that from the times you worked with us and now as we proceed, we have not regretted or missed a single item thrown out or donated. That says a tremendous amount about your teaching and techniques! We do get tired, but we are no longer overwhelmed. We look forward to taking pictures of the empty space that will be transformed into active living space. This is a most worthwhile spring project for our family. I personally no longer feel like “running away” to escape the basement and garage of our home.

    Thank You
    Pam Edds

  2. And I will add to what Pam says above….

    I, too, have used everything you’ve ever taught me, and still do. AND, thanks to our recent work together, I no longer dread walking into my basement. In fact, putting things away and keeping it cleaned up is easy peasy, now. Hallelujah!

    The best part, the unexpected increase in my income that came when I cleaned up the ‘foundation’ to my home, a basic principle of Feng Shui.

    Thanks, Karen. You are terrific!

  3. Thank-you Pam and Wendy! I agree that maintaining the work that has been done is all about good habits. Pam, you have a huge basement – it will take more than 6 hours. Just keep pluggin along. You’ll get there. Wendy, I’m going to have to study Feng Shui. Interesting…

  4. You are so right Karen, maintenance is key to success. SO many people thing, “one and it’s done” when really you have to make a routine of putting things back where they came from. Great post.

  5. Did you use any special brand/type of spray paint? Or any special technique to make sure the cardboard didn’t soak up too much and look wrinkled? Thank you!

  6. Jenny,
    I used premium spraypaint – not the cheap stuff. I believe it was Rustoleum brand. I did several light coats and sprayed from a distance of 6-8 inches. It works great.

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