Seminars and Workshops

Karen Sprinkle is an experienced public speaker and has been a member of Toastmasters International since April 2000 where she has earned the Distinguished Toastmasters award.

Seminars and workshops are available for your women’s groups, business groups, church groups or civic groups. Karen Sprinkle has presented seminars and workshops on basic organizing, paper management, organizing for senior adults, closet organizing and garage organizing.

Current Topics:

  • Play by the Rules. Win the Game – 20 minute version and 45 minute version  (Conquering Clutter Using Organizing  Principles)
  • Help I’m Drowning in Paper ! – 20 minute version and 45 minute version  (Conquering Office Clutter using the F.L.O.A.T. System)
  • Organized on Purpose: Proven Strategies to get from I Wish to I Am – 45 minutes  (Five Steps to Organize for Wellness)

Prior Presentations Include:

  • May 2004, TN Dept. of Human Services, Elder Care Workshop
  • October 2005, East Tennessee Meeting Planners
  • June 2006, Blount County Women in Business
  • April 2009, Wellness Promotion, Bush Brothers and Company
  • February 2010, Humana Guidance Center
  • February 2010, Entrepreneurs of Knoxville
  • September 2010, ORNL Wellness Program
  • March 2011, Humana Guidance Center
  • March 2012, Insurance Professionals of Greater Knoxville
  • April 2012, South Doyle Neighborhood Association
  • October 2012, ETCH, Health Unit Coordinators Conference