2020 Edition

The 48 Week Achievement Plan is the tool that I designed to ensure that I stayed on task to complete a large goal. I initially created it for a walking goal, but it will do so much more. In 2016 I used the plan to reach a 624-mile walking goal.

I’ve used it every year to monitor my activity and motivate me to reach a walking goal. I will use it this year to track a photo scanning project along with my walking goal.

The plan includes a 53-week calendar. It uses a variation of the “Don’t Break the Chain” technique. When a task is complete for the week, the user places an “X” on the square. The objective becomes to create a continuous chain.

What makes it work? It has four FREE weeks built-in. That means when life jumps in and wrecks your plans, you can take a FREE week. It’s kind of like having four “Get out of jail FREE cards.”

The 2020 version has an additional FREE week because this year has 53 weeks instead of the normal 52.

This $4.97 PDF Guide Includes:

  • Complete instructions on how to use the plan including best practices for starting mid-year
  • Ideas on activities that you can track
  • Example pages for the visual learner
  • The 2020 printable chart – print multiple copies for your personal use.
  • Notification when new charts and FREE updates are available


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As someone who needs flexibility along with structure, this is just what I’ve been searching for! I’m excited to implement this tool for my goals this year. As you say, it’s really about the BEHAVIORS and not just achieving the goal itself.

Nancy Rae Evans
Certified Money Coach (CMC)®, Author, Speaker


This is the perfect tool for those of us who struggle with perfectionism.

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The problem with most habit tracking methods and goal building models is that they are unforgiving, and they fail to recognize that human beings (unlike robots) face intangible obstacles. This is not the case with Karen Sprinkle’s motivating work, The 48-Week Achievement Plan 2020 Guide.


The 48-Week Achievement Plan is actually three-things-in-one. First, it’s a smart ebook that explains how typical systems work, to give readers a thorough (but quick) understanding of how, why, and where people can go off the rails trying to apply those models to their goals and habits. In particular, Sprinkle understands the difficulties of perfectionist procrastination and how small kerfuffles can have a large (negative) impact on our efforts.


But the 48-Week Achievement Plan is more than an intellectual exercise in the “why.” Second, Sprinkle goes a step beyond and has developed a system for subverting our natural human tendencies and giving us some forgiving wiggle room to still achieve success in a more realistic setting. This part of the ebook covers how to use her plan *in detail* ‹ going so far as to anticipate the kinds of modifications people living in the real world need ‹ like how to get a late start (depending on when in the year you’ve figured out your goals), how to deal with years that span more than 52 weeks (because, in a rather disorganized fashion, each year doesn’t start on a Sunday or Monday), or how to handle weeks where life goes awry!


Finally, this 48-Week Achievement Plan includes a (seriously) low-effort tracker so you can see your benchmarks being met as you achieve them, and a format that you can use to hit any of a variety of goals, from running/walking to marketing your business to becoming more adept at whatever in work or life you’d like to improve by doing more of it, and better. I’m using it to get my 10,000+ steps and to study Italian.



Julie Bestry, CPO®

Chattanooga, TN

Get your guide for $4.97

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