The Kindergarten Approach to Gathering and Storing Your Income Tax Related Documents — 6 Comments

  1. I love this approach, and especially the level of detail you provide. I was just with a client this morning for whom I have set up a current year box. We will shortly need a previous year box. This client is a bit challenging because she has some issues that make her unwilling to place paper in files on a regular basis. We’ve met halfway in that she puts the items that need to be filed in one location, and then I file them all when I come. We also set up an easy “drop” container for her receipts because she has a lot and feels uncomfortable letting them go. Each client needs personal tweaks, but this system is a great way to get started. I totally agree on the 1/3 cut tabs, btw. You need the space.

  2. I too have some clients who need extra help. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Many clients who need extra help with maintaining a filing system ROCK at other things. They are happy to have us help them and they love knowing their current year materials are in one place.
    I think 1/3 cut tabs should be standard. It’s never made sense to me that retailers order the 1/5th cut, and don’t even get me started about the foolishness of assorted color file folders.

  3. I can tell from your detailed description that you enjoy working with papers as much as I do. One of the points that stood out was your suggestion about color and how that can make the filing process pleasant for clients that don’t like filing. Introducing colors that are visually pleasing along with files that are consistent in size and style can make a tremendous difference. In some instances, it’s incentivized filing papers.

  4. I do love working with paper Linda and color used with purpose can make a huge difference.

  5. Thanks for providing such detailed instructions on filing these types of papers. I love how you begin by getting the current year box together, it is very important for current paperwork to have a home. Your tips for using 1/3 cut tabs and not using assorted colors are great!

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